The Why Files: Operation Podcast

The Why Files: Operation Podcast

The Why Files: Operation Podcast

The Why Files covers mysteries, myths and legends. We tell stories and seek the truth in a fun and lighthearted way. Our content is heavily researched; we don't release an episode unless we're sure we can bring something new to a topic.

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The Nevada Triangle, a mysterious area where thousands of planes have vanished without a trace. Join us as we uncover the chilling secrets behind this enigmatic region and its connection to other notorious disappearance zones worldwide.

Episodios anteriores

  • 160 - 543: DEEP DIVE: Deadly Triangles: Nevada, Bermuda and the Dragon's Triangle 
    Wed, 17 Apr 2024
  • 159 - 542: Martian Mysteries: The Phobos Incident, Monoliths, and Ancient Ruins 
    Mon, 15 Apr 2024
  • 158 - 541: DEEP DIVE: Reincarnation or Obsession? The Puzzling Case of Dorothy Eady and other Past Lives 
    Wed, 10 Apr 2024
  • 157 - 540: Annunaki | Gods from Planet Nibiru and the Makers of Man 
    Mon, 08 Apr 2024
  • 156 - 539: DEEP DIVE: UFO Time Travelers Sergei Ponomarenko and Rudolph Fentz 
    Wed, 03 Apr 2024
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