WPAI – WordPress meets Artificial Intelligence

WPAI – WordPress meets Artificial Intelligence

Moritz Bappert

The dawn of a new era in website and content creation is upon us. The convergence of artificial intelligence with WordPress - a platform that powers a significant portion of the internet - is opening up unprecedented possibilities, signaling the revolution of an entire industry. Tune in every week as Moritz Bappert, an experienced WordPress developer with a passion for AI, hosts insightful conversations with industry experts and innovators to explore the possibilities of AI in the WordPress space (and beyond). If you work with WordPress, are interested in the practical uses of AI, or are just a tech lover who wants to stay ahead of the curve on AI developments in the WordPress universe, this podcast is for you.

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Joe Hoyle co-founded the WordPress agency Human Made in 2010. They’ve released a WordPress plugin with exciting AI features to create your content in the Gutenberg editor. It’s called Altis Accelerate. Joe and Moritz talk about all the interesting details that went into building the plugin, where we’re at with AI today, and what the future holds for content management systems and AI.

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