The Gigging Musician Podcast

The Gigging Musician Podcast

Jared Judge

Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.

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In this episode, Jared shares his recent experiences and successes in the Denver music scene, emphasizing the importance of networking, venue tours, and the unexpected power of recommendations. He recounts a venue tour that turned into an unexpected performance opportunity, and how being tagged in social media posts by past clients has led to new gig inquiries. Jared also discusses the distinction between the music scene and the events scene in Denver, highlighting how his focus on building relationships within the events industry has led to significant growth in his music career. Furthermore, he touches on the strategic use of his website as a marketing tool to attract more gigs and offers insights into how musicians can leverage their online presence for career advancement.

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